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06:53pm 25/05/2012

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Long time no see!  
11:45pm 19/05/2012
I haven't updated Livejournal at all for a long time, but I'm moving back to this account now.

2012 has been eventful:
  • C and I got engaged on January 3 under the Quadrantid meteor shower. 
  • I finished grad school- I now have my MLS with school library certification!
  • I got a job in the library, but I'm applying for a higher position now that I have my degree. 
  • I got another job at the Smithsonian American Art Museum. 
  • My Opa passed away in March, and it's really weird to think about. He was suffering from Alzheimer's and lost his will to live. He was a very smart man and in his moments of lucidity he was devastated by his state. It was expected, but actually happening shook the family up. 
  • One of my aunts on my dad's side has pancreatic cancer and they think she might have a year to live.

Now that I'm done with school and I'm just working I have a lot more free time. We bought new furniture today to redo the living room and now we have more bookshelves and a better workspace. 

Work is really great. I love all of my coworkers. I mostly work with youth services and the tech department. I teach classes at least once a month, but I accept appointments for one-on-one help as well (not officially, but they call and they tell them when I'll be in). 

I'm also working at the Smithsonian for the Art of Video Games exhibit! It's a lot of fun. And/or, we get really bored and have strange conversations. The Secret of Monkey Island is driving us all mad. 

C and I went to PAX East this year and stayed with Vincent and Isa! It was so nice to see them. Since flights only cost about $100, it's totally reasonable to visit more often. ;w; Since we were at PAX we didn't explore Boston much, but another time! I saw my friends from DC there too, and it was really nice because M is a sweetheart and I want to talk to her more. We ate lots of good food in Jamaica Plains. ;w; I also got to play with Simon! And we played Domaine! 

I made a new friend on the bus from campus that is pretty much into the same stuff I am. We're both really shy and awks though, so our conversations are silly. She's most excellent, and since she lives fairly close to me we'll be hanging out + hopefully visiting NYC in the fall together! 

I broke down and imported a Japanese 3DS, but since I've been playing more Japanese games and actually finding the time to study I'm constantly surprised by how much I can understand! I have a ton of apps for learning Japanese on my iPad and iPhone (oh, I got an iPhone for graduation!). M told me about a conversation group that meets up for happy hour, so I'm hopefully going to join them soon!!

My parents bought the new furniture for us, so we're going to use some of the money for a fancy cat tower for Lucky and Scout. I paid off all of my bills before school ended, so now I just have to worry about creating a nice savings fund. Which means I shouldn't buy more books to celebrate finishing school. My new shelves beckon to be filled. 

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